Birra Peroni will integrate blockchain technology into the supply chain

Italian beer brand Birra Peroni is the latest in a number of corporate brands with integrated blockchain technology for supply chain traceability. EY announced that the brewery will use its EY OpsChain traceability on its Ethereum public blockchain, and each beer batch will have its own unique associated NFT. A number of food vendors have used blockchain technology to deliver their supply chain solutions. This technology not only guarantees full traceability from product to consumer; Blockchain traceability technology is much more economical than other traceability solutions, making it attractive to SMBs (small and medium-sized businesses). According to a World Trade Organization report, transactions added to the blockchain are time stamped and cannot be easily manipulated. Blockchain technology effectively removes many barriers for importers and exporters and makes supply chain processes much more efficient. Birra Peroni Corporate Affairs Director Federico Sannella explains this collaboration as follows: “The connection with the agricultural supply chain and the quality of our 100% Italian malt are key strategic assets. We believe that sustainability is closely linked to respect for raw materials, and we wanted to realize this value for our consumers so that they can follow the journey of malt from field to bottle. Because agriculture is one of those industries under pressure to make their processes ethical, traceability is one of the ways industries can achieve this. Consumers' demand for better access to the source of their products exceeds many industries, particularly the textile and food industry. Companies can prove the ethical origin of their products through traceable supply chains. EY Global Blockchain Lead Paul Brody sees blockchain strictly as the future of the supply chain: "

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