Binaryx lanceert crypto digital asset exchange-dinsten woor bedriven

European Digital Asset Exchange Binaryx has launched a range of services that allow companies to diversify their portfolio of crypto assets and overcome barriers to direct protection of digital assets, often through trading.

The new services provided by Binaryx allow companies to invest in bitcoin and other digital currencies without having to directly own and maintain their portfolios.

“Many companies are trying to protect cryptocurrencies for hedging, and we are trying to create impeccable services and conditions that will help them devote their resources to various assets to reduce risks and provide more liquidity,” said Oleg Kurchenko, founder and CEO of binaryx.

The exchange also provided storage and over-the-counter services that allowed it to store and purchase large amounts of cryptocurrency without the risk of price volatility or market fluctuations.

Binaryx is launching its services amid growing interest in digital assets by institutional investors who have amassed large amounts of bitcoin and other currencies in their accounts and private funds. Leading companies investing decisively in the market include MicroStrategy, Galaxy Digital, Goldman Sachs and others expanding their portfolios of digital assets. reports provided by coingecko show that public companies currently own about 5% of all bitcoins, or 193,000 tokens, equivalent to about 6.5 billion US dollars at the current exchange rate. 3% of all coins are owned by a grayscale Asset Management and storage company.

The growing accumulation of digital assets gives the Binaryx development team reason to believe that European companies need the tools they need to accumulate, store and properly manage their crypto portfolios.

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