Binance hires US government’s cybercrime expert amid control

Crypto exchange Binance has hired Greg Mono, a former cybercrime expert and US government investigator, to lead anti-money laundering claims. 

His specific role will be to become a global money laundering reporting officer (GML), the stock exchange confirmed in a prepared statement. 

The move comes amid a series of disputes over the cryptocurrency exchange with financial services regulators around the world. 

Who is Greg Mono Han? 
According to Binance, Mono spent much of his time as an investigator in criminal cases for the U.S. Treasury Department. 

“My efforts will focus on expanding Binance’s international money laundering and investigation programs and strengthening the organization’s relationships with regulatory and law enforcement agencies around the world,” Mono said. 

This is not the first time a crypto exchange has hired an alleged money laundering expert. The crypto exchange previously hired Fatf Rick Mokdonell, the former Executive Secretary, and FATF Josie, the former head of the Canadian delegation. 

Binance CEO calls for “open regulation” amid mounting pressure
“As a former federal law enforcement investigator, John Monohan has a rich background in money laundering and Binance Research,” said kryptobirzhi CEO Changpeng Zhao. 

Ongoing issues with Binance regulation
Monochan’s cluster of binances comes amid a long regulatory dispute over crypto exchange. 

In the summer, Financial Services Regulators around the world issued public warnings about cryptocurrency exchanges, and announced that the exchange would not be allowed to do business in their respective jurisdictions. 

In June, the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) issued a warning to consumers against Binance Markets Limited, a British company acquired by binance and set up to provide customized exchange services for customers from the UK. 

UK regulator FCA has “big problem” over Binance headquarters absence

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