Billionaire Stan Druckenmiller, Dogecoin, Ethereum: Won't Be Long or Short DOGE, Skeptical About ETH

Famous investor Stanley Druckenmiller shared his views on dogecoin and ethereum. He said it wouldn't be long or short with Dogecoin, and the meme laughed when the cryptocurrency's value soared. As for Ether, he doubts whether it will be able to maintain its position. Stan Druckenmiller on Dogecoin and Ether In an interview with The Hustle last week, renowned investor Stanley Druckenmiller shared his thoughts on bitcoin, ether and dogecoin, the meme cryptocurrency that has recently taken over the market. Druckenmiller founded Duquesne Capital in 1981. Until 2000, he managed money for George Soros as Quantum Fund's chief portfolio manager. He and Soros made huge gains against the British pound in 1992. The billionaire investor said that dogecoin is "just like NFTs." [unchangeable tokens]. It is a manifestation of the wildest monetary policy in history. "I guess I don't see it really useful at this point, as the offer has no limit. It's just this wave of money in the Big Idiot Theory." Druckenmiller said: Since I said this, I won't cut it short because I don't like putting out campfires with my face. So I'm just trying to pretend that DOGE doesn't exist. I guess it's so little that it doesn't even bother me when it rises. He continued, “If Bitcoin goes up, I would go crazy for not having it. When Dogecoin rises, I start laughing. Don't go long and don't go too short. So, you know, if you don't like going to Vegas, I think it's okay. On the subject of Ethereum versus Bitcoin, Druckenmiller said, "I think Bitcoin won the precious game" because "a brand has been around for 13-14 years [and] a limited supply." He reiterated that while other cryptocurrencies will replace bitcoin, BTC would be "very, very difficult to remove." While admitting that it "excels in smart contracts and things like that," he noted: I am a little more skeptical as to whether he can maintain this.

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