Billionaire Mark Cuba's Million Dollar Bet: BTC or ETH Surpasses the S&P 500 in 10 Years

American billionaire entrepreneur and TV personality Mark Cuban made a bet with Creative Planning founder Peter Mallouk on how cryptocurrencies will perform against the S&P 500. Cuban said on Twitter that two stable smart contracts based on coins should stop. Betting on Ethereum or Bitcoin returns for ten years against the Standard and Poor's 500 index. Mark Cuban, one of the investors of the television series of the ABC Shark Tank reality show, Mark Cuban has recently spoken a lot of cryptocurrencies, and billionaire Ellen Degeneres recently talked about the potential of dogecoin (DOG). Cuban, which owns the National Basketball Association (NBA) Dallas Mavericks, now has the Mavs accepting the digital currency for goods and services. But recently, Peter Mallouk, founder of Creative Planning, a financial management group, said those who listen to Cuban dogecoin tweets aren't very smart. “Many people will lose a lot of money if they listen to this. Straight from Dumb and Dumber, ”Mallouk said in his tweet. “If you get a hundred shares, your chances increase. Most of them will go down to zero if you buy one hundred coins. "It's a big difference," the founder of Creative Planning added. Cuban then responded to Mallouk's tweet: Only a fool can buy 100 stocks or 100 crypto assets. But let me ask a question. As a stockholder, what rights do you have over the shares of a company listed on the stock exchange you purchased? "Only a fool can invest 100 stocks." From that moment on, the Twitter chat turned into a friendly bet. Cuban wrote to Mallouk, "How about that?" "We made a smart contract with ETH. You put $ 1 million in a stablecoin. I put $ 1 million in a stablecoin. If the increase in the S&P 500 on the maturity date is greater than the increase in YOUR choice, we will write the contract to pay you.

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