Billionaire Carl Icahn Discovers Up To $ 1.5 Billion Crypto Investments

Legendary American businessman Carl Icahn has apparently changed his stance on cryptocurrencies. In an interview with Bloomberg Markets, Icahn hinted at a potential investment of up to $ 1.5 billion in the industry. Carl Icahn shares the perspective of Stanley Druckenmiller, Paul Tudor Jones and, more recently, Ray Dalio, on this new asset class. Icahn believes the rise of cryptocurrencies is a "natural manifestation" of the current macroeconomic outlook and inflation. In these economic conditions, investors are looking for new value stores other than the US dollar. Like Dalio, Icahn fears that if the US Federal Reserve "continues to print" the dollar will depreciate and lose its reserve status. Carl Icahn claimed that he was not "an investor yet," but disagreed with the criticism of these assets and that he was valued in a cryptocurrency as much as US dollars. "The only dollar is that you can really pay taxes with it," he said. Carl Icahn: When asked about the specific use cases between Bitcoin, which is seen as the “ largely '' store of value to stay here, and Ethereum, the decentralized app ecosystem, Carl Icahn seemed quite knowledgeable. The legendary investor has managed to offer a unique perspective that is often unknown to anyone with traditional finances. He said: Ethereum is the underlying blockchain. If so, it has two things that you can use as a payment system that you can use in Ethereum's store of value. So you need Ethereum, the blockchain, to make sure you own something. You've never had this before at a place where you can buy cryptocurrency and you can say "I'm Safe" because you have the blockchain that makes it very safe for you. I'm very simple Icahn believes this is what gives "great value" to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. However, he added that the two main cryptocurrencies are "different". Bitcoin "only one

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