Billionaire ‘Bond King’ Jeff Gundlach said bitcoin could tumble 27% from current levels and warned the dollar may be ‘doomed’ in a recent interview. Here are his 10 best quotes.

Jeffrey Gundlach
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"Bond King" Jeff Gundlach said bitcoin’s chart looks scary and the coin has lost steam in a recent interview.
The investor also discussed inflation, his long-term bearish dollar outlook, and his stock market forecast.
Here are the DoubleLine Capital founder’s 10 best quotes.
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Billionaire investor and "Bond King" Jeff Gundlach said inflation of today reminds him of the 1970’s, warned that the dollar may be doomed in the long term, and said that bitcoin’s chart looks "scary" in a Thursday CNBC interview.

Here are the DoubleLine Capital founder’s 10 best quotes.

1. "The chart on bitcoin looks pretty scary….I have a feeling you’re going to be able to buy it below 23,000 again. Bitcoin has really lost its steam."
2. "I think it’s only a trading vehicle. I’ve never been long bitcoin personally. I’ve never been short Bitcoin. It’s just not for me. I don’t have that kind of risk tolerance in my DNA where I have to get worried to pull up the quote every day to see if it’s down 20%. But I would not own Bitcoin presently. I think you had an opportunity to buy it at a cheaper level."
3. "I don’t want to be overly dramatic, but I think the dollar-I will use the word ‘doomed’ in the long term. In the short term, the dynamics have been and will continue to be in place for the dollar to be marginally or moderately stronger."
4. "It”s getting difficult for the Fed to talk about this inflation situation as being temporary or ‘transitory’, as they like to say…import prices came up today up 11%. We all know the CPI came up with 5.4. I mean, these are numbers that remind me of the 1970s."
5. "Inflation right now is not decelerating. It’s accelerating right now. And I’m going to go with the trend is your friend until there’s some evidence to the contrary."
6. "As long as [the stimulus] goes on, I think the stock market can stay at nosebleed levels as it has been and continue to kind of grind higher."
7. "The biggest case for stocks is that they’re cheap to bonds. They still are cheap to bonds because the bond yield is so ridiculously low."
8. "I don’t really hear anybody talking about what they’re going to do with the planed curtailment of stimulus, but I expect that to start becoming an issue pretty soon," said Gundlach. "The issue is, if the stimulus continues at the level it’s at, the inflation is not going to go away. In fact, the inflation could get worse. If they take the stimulus away, then the inflation probably won’t get worse, but the economy is extremely uncertain at that point in time."
9. "It’s all part of this speculative mania that has been fueled by repeated rounds of stimulus. The first rounds of stimulus people saved a little bit or pay down their credit card debt. The most recent round of stimulus went into speculation and spending. So if stimulus continues, it’s going to go into speculation and spending," on meme stocks and the SPAC frenzy.
10. "It’s odd when the CPI comes out hot, the bond market doesn’t go down..that’s obviously because the bond market is thinking one move ahead in the chess game: that the Fed may actually have to start doing something about seriously, reducing the bond buying programs, and maybe even God forbid start raising short-term interest rates."

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