Biggest cryptocurrency seizure in Australia: Police seize $ 6m digital currency

According to this chain analysis report, the percentage of illegal crypto transactions is about 2% of the total transaction volume. While most cryptocurrency transactions are not illegal, they are increasingly being used for criminal activity.

As part of Operation” Dark web, ” Australian police have seized the cryptocurrency on a large scale. The total value of the seized was about $ 6 million (8.5 million Australian dollars). According to authorities, this is the largest crypto investment ever made in Australia.

Crypto Pulp And The Dark Web

Victoria Police said the seizure was part of an ongoing drug trafficking investigation. The arrests and seizures are part of an investigation into drug trafficking on a dark web platform that has been online since 2012. Australian authorities have been investigating a dark web platform for drug trafficking since early 2021.

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Detectives searched homes in Kinglake, Preston, Praran, Dollar and South Yarra on Thursday. They decamped with the help of the East Gipsland Crime Investigation Unit and the Bass Coast Crime Investigation Unit. Several items were seized from the property. These include drugs, possibly cannabis, psilocin (magic mushrooms), MDMA, prescription drugs and white powder and crystals. Police also made arrests for assets worth a total of 13.1 million Australian dollars, including two properties in Kinglake and about $ 2 million in dollars. Vehicles worth about $ 100,000, including a Toyota Prado and a VW T-Cross, were also arrested.

The total market value of cryptocurrencies is more than $ 2 trillion / source: total market value of cryptocurrencies

Three people have been arrested and questioned by police. This includes a 31-year-old woman from Kinglake and a 30-year-old man from Preston. The woman was charged with marijuana possession, although both were released pending further inquiries. If 33, Yes

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