Big American supermarket chain Sheetz now accepts Bitcoin

Sheetz, the restaurant, grocery and gas station chain, announced that it now accepts bitcoin payments thanks to its partnership with Flexa. According to a press release, Sheetz, the large Mid-Atlantic restaurant and grocery chain, has joined the group of institutions that accept bitcoin as a method of payment for their products. The press release also revealed that the payment method will be supported by the digital payment network Flexa. The publication claimed that this made Sheetz "the first supermarket chain to accept bitcoin in store and pump". It also accepts ether, litecoin, dogecoin, and other cryptocurrencies. "With regard to the digital currencies reaching record levels, it is easy to overlook the real, tangible benefits for traders who adopt them – not only less fraud and cost savings, but also a better and more mobile customer experience." From Felxa, according to the statement. Trevor Filter said, "Sheetz Payment Manager Linda Smith also highlighted the growing influence of Bitcoin as a payment method in the current financial environment." According to the statement, it is constantly innovating and new to give our customers what they really want, when they want it, 24/7/365. We are exploring offers – this includes accepting many forms of payment, ”he said. The chain operates at 622 locations. Sheetz has not announced whether it will keep bitcoin on its balance sheet. And Sheetz is not the only institution that has recently adopted bitcoin as a payment method. Camping World, the largest caravan seller in Turkey, also announced that it would be so.

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