Beursgenoteerde Bitcoin miner marathon aankopen 30,000 towers for mining Van Bitmain

On Monday, registered bitcoin mining company Marathon Digital Holdings announced it had acquired 30,000 antmainers s19j Pro from Bitmain. According to the company, once a new batch of mining equipment is fully deployed, Marathon will gain 13.3 exahash (EH/ S) per second from the new machines.

Marathon buys 120k miners for $ 30m
August 2 Marathon Digital Holdings, Inc. (Nasdaq: MARA) reported that the bitcoin mining company acquired 30,000 antmainerov S19j Pro. Depending on the model, the S19J pro SHA256 handles hashreyts at speeds of about 100 to 104 terahash per second. An s19j Pro machine that uses current BTC prices, current mining complexity and electricity to $ 0.12 per kilowatt hour (kWh) can benefit from $ 29 per day. According to the announcement, the machines cost about $ 120.7 million for the entire batch.

June January 2022-Marathon said it expects 30,000 decommissioned miners to be delivered between June 2022. This term suggests that order lead times for new mining facilities from existing leading manufacturers can be quite long. Marathon says that once the rig is fully deployed, the company will receive an October 13.3 EH/S and “more than 133,000 bitcoin miners” under its ownership.

“If all the marathons of miners were deployed today,”the mining company said,” the company’s heshreyt would account for about 12% of the total bitcoin network, which is around 109 EH / S as of August 1, 2021.”

Marathon CEO believes it’s the perfect time to add new miners to company’s Park
Fred Thiel, marathon’s chief executive, stressed during the announcement that he believed it was the perfect time to buy mining facilities. Thiel,” total network hash rate to increase the percentage of bitcoin mining in today’s unique environment and increase our chance of winning favorable given the circumstances, we think this is a good time to add new miners to our operations, ” he said. Marathon CEO added:

“We are growing with this new order

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