Bets against borrowing: the future of finance according to Finoa

Institutional investors are demanding greater access to Defi protocols to boost their revenue potential.
Tighter adherence to Defi requirements benefits the entire decentralized financial ecosystem by increasing capital inflows.
To achieve mass adoption, Defi must follow the same trends as traditional finance.
While rates have risen in popularity over the past 12 months, they have not previously been interested in institutional investors.

In the summer of 2020, Defi spawned the “most important trend” of the modern blockchain era. Defi allows you to rebuild all financial products in the blockchain by eliminating the middleman, relying on participants, and using smart contracts.

Financial instruments are booming, and their practices are gaining popularity among enthusiastic corporate and angel investors, as Defi’s potential is decidedly “wary of banks.” Defi is recreating the financial environment and at the same time taking more interest in network participants and increasing participation incentives.

Defi brings blockchain to financial card

In an interview with Dailycoin, Henrik Gebbing, Finoa’s co-founder and co-CEO, showed why the future of Finance is all about Defi and the byproducts of disruptive innovation. Defi said it benefited investors and participants more than existing financial transactions.

“at the same time, it was also the next product, right, I’m talking about; it also has this next generation.& quot;
The transition to the new consensus mechanism provided opportunities for October to generate additional revenue. Investors can use loans or stocks to diversify asset valuation, enriching financial benefits for retail and institutional investors, Goebbing said.

Instead of buying and storing, investors

“significant October investment and profit opportunities”
Thanks to finoa’s corporate slant service.

As a bet

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