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At City Traders Imperium (CTI) we want to source the best FX traders hence our FX funded trader program and you traders are looking for a funded trading account. The synergy is there, and there are no geographical limits we fund traders worldwide.

If you are serious about elevating your trading career, we want to hear from you. Becoming a CTI funded trader has its benefits. You get a fully funded trading account where you can take home up to 70% of the profit share. No. You did not misread. You can take up to 70% of the profit share.

We have an account growth at 10% target, and you have the potential to manage up to $4,000,000. With the right trading strategy and the right discipline, our funded trading account could potentially make you our next 7 figure funded trader.

There is more, we want to offer you the best chances to succeed that is why our funded trading account comes with a FREE Funded Trader Program course titled “How To Succeed as a CTI Funded Trader”. We never want you to feel like you are on your own as a funded trader, because trust us, we have been there and it does not feel nice to be handed a funded trading account and feel like you are left in the lurches.

Of course, you are also more than welcome to contact us if you have any questions!

With this in mind, you also have the opportunity to consider one of City Trader Imperium’s program’s if you’d like. There would be the HPT Mastermind Program if you feel you require some education, or want to advance your trading level.

However, if you feel mentoring is something you require, and many funded traders do consider this route, you could consider the one to one mentoring or specialized psychology coaching to ensure your trading psychology does not let you down. Regarding trading psychology, while you may thing your psychology is iron clad, trading psychology for a funded trader is a different ballpark, so the idea you could have help for this could be reassuring itself.

Of course, you might be asking yourself, what if money is an issue, but you know you have a good strategy that you believe you have what it takes to become a funded trader if you just had the opportunity to prove yourself with a funded trading account? No problem, we have a low cost evaluation plan for instances like this.

Do not feel like paying for a lower cost evaluation penalises you or paying for a higher cost plan helps you; all evaluation plans have auniversal 7% target. A target is still a target, we want to see if you can hit your targets as a fund would expect you.

Unlike most funding programs, we recognise evaluations and the actual funding conditions should be close. By that the conditions should be replicated. The target we use to assess potential, but the drawdown, that cannot be fair as sometimes random acts of God (Dow Theory reference, shout out to all you technical analysis nerds!) happen. For that reason, our drawdown and evaluation and golden traders are exactly the same.

But what if you are a seasoned trader with a verified track record and experience and feel an evaluation would be an insult to your hard work? We have you covered too with our Direct Funding if you wish to skip the evaluation. Anyone else who wishes to do this should contact us so we can help then understand the advantages and disadvantages of doing this.

However, there is something you do lose out on if you go down this route. What is that? Well you see, we have scores of traders, and I am talking funded trader, after funded trader, after funded trader on a weekly basis that shares their story on the City Traders Imperium blog about how they passed their funded trading account evaluation while providing some advice for the next generation of funded traders.

What this does is it gets your name out there, your story and it inspires many potential funded traders to take action. Many of our funded traders enjoy the the thought that they inspired many to take a step towards their trading goals. Who knows, maybe you could be the next success story that does the same?

Our funded traders have the opportunity to trade gold too- even during their evaluation periods. That way they get to see if it really is for them, not many providers do this. (However, according to our research, most of our funded traders have a tendency to gravitate towards the FX market.)

City Traders Imperium funded traders can expect funded trading account with the resources dedicated to help them maximize their chances of success.

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