Bearish signal shows that Ethereum Bulls should be afraid

Ethereum reached a price point of over $ 4,000 and almost three times higher than its all-time high for altcoin years ago. But could the incredible profits and ROI of an entire year potentially be the best bulls? Potential bearish signals have surfaced on Ethereum's price charts, indicating that the bull market is approaching the result and a deep retracement may follow. Ethereum Reaches $ 4K Resolution While Bitcoin is Static just like Bitcoin, crypto investors have almost nothing to do with selling their ETH – they just buy it. As analysts say, the recent "spot rally" pushed the altcoin trend to its highest point at $ 4,200 per ETH. Gas fees broke revenue records that day and proved to the world that the Ethereum blockchain is a financial powerhouse. DeFi is still booming, billions of ETH locked down, and the NFT trend is just beginning. The fierce Crypto Market Shakeout Bitcoin and Ethereum 10% Wing in ETH 2.0 and a scarcity improvement – EIP-1559 – will make the presence even more valuable in the long run. This and the recent rally in the BTC trading pair brought the return of the "subversive" controversy. What could go wrong with the ranks of crypto assets occupying the Bitcoin throne? This bearish divergence and the "top" signal of the Pi loop don't look good | Source: ETHUSD on Bearish Signals That Could End Crypto Bulls The Current Cycle Unfortunately for the bulls, Ethereum is showing signs that have resulted in the latest cryptocurrency bear market. During the week, there is a huge downward differentiation hidden when Ethereum encounters cross resistance. Before the last surge, Philip Swift's 'Pi Cycle Top' indicator used for Bitcoin increases was triggered – just like the last bull market that resulted. Related reading | Here is where E

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