BazarSwap, the world's first decentralized P2P exchange for ERC20 token initiation operations

The Ethereum blockchain laid the foundation for the entire DApps revolution. ERC20 tokens play an important role in the industry's growth, powering almost every project built on top of the Ethereum blockchain. As the number of ERC20 tokens continued to increase, the industry lacked a dedicated trading infrastructure until BazarSwap came along. BazarSwap is the world's first decentralized OTC trading platform dedicated to ERC20 tokens. BazarSwap, the first self-extracting crypto smart contract and token generation service created by the team behind Minereum Project, offers many advantages over normal and centralized exchange and trading platforms dealing with ERC20 tokens. . As a transparent and decentralized OTC exchange, it makes extensive use of verifiable smart contracts and ensures that users are in control of their money at all times. Features that embarrass other exchanges At BazarSwap, users can redeem any ERC20 token directly from their wallet. The platform is designed in such a way that the transfer of tokens offered for sale will only be transferred to the buyer's wallet after the successful execution of the transaction. To participate in transactions at BazarSwap, users need to link their wallet once and all balance in the linked wallet is automatically available for sale. All affiliate wallets with positive balance are listed on the BazarSwap transaction page, and the user can delete their wallet at any time by transferring all tokens from the affiliate wallet. Likewise, to restart trading, they need to refinance the portfolio to automatically be listed on the platform. There is no limit to the number of addresses that can be created to buy and sell ERC20 tokens at different prices. By design, BazarSwap does not require a liquidity mechanism as supply and demand are determined by user engagement. In addition, the platform is non-slip and can minimize gas operation costs. Otherwise sweet Read more

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