Basic tips so that you do not get ripped off on your Hot Sale 2021 purchases

The official period of Hot Sale , the online mega sale from May 23 to 31 and in it more than 400 establishments affiliated to the Mexican Association of Online Sales (AMVO) will participate.
"Although the promotions and discounts of the Hot Sale depend on each business and are applied electronically, you have to know the ways in which customers can avoid abuse or have support in case of any claim," explains Bernardo Prum, director of Coru .com .
“The main means to defend your rights after an electronic transaction is the voucher or sales receipt. Having the notification of the charge by the bank is not enough if you have to file a complaint for a fault in the product or service ”, adds Prum.
In order to guide consumers to have a backup in their purchases during this period of offers, the financial services comparator Coru. com gives some recommendations in case promotions are not respected.
What you should check in all your electronic purchases of the Hot Sale When making an online purchase it is important that you receive an email or digital receipt of the transaction, as this will be the main means to support your complaint in case the product or service has not been to your liking, is not delivered correctly, Or, do not apply any promotion that they promised.
The most relevant data that you should verify in your transaction are:
Order confirmation . Make sure you receive a number or password that ensures that your request was received and approved by the merchant. Sometimes a purchase order is sent before confirmation, that is, a pre-notice that the charge is being processed. The important thing is to have a confirmed order number or key.
Order details . Ideally, a photo of the item should be displayed and a physical description of what that purchased good or service includes (model, color, year, weight, version, validity, etc.). There should be specified who sells it, since in the case of commerce electronic, it may be that the sale is between individuals or from businesses directly to the customer without intermediaries.
Terms and conditions . In the lower parts of the virtual store or in the "more information" section of the shopping cart, the terms and conditions of that sale are usually specified. It is your obligation to read them and if you do not identify them, it is better to ask the contact medium before proceeding with the transaction, especially if you intend to take advantage of a promotion or discount on that purchase.
Delivery data. Make sure you know how and when you will receive your merchandise, whether it is downloadable electronic tickets (in the case of flights or other service times), or that the delivery address is the one you specified. Remember that in the sales seasons many stores may offer free shipping but subject to a certain amount, geographic area and abnormal delivery times.
Other basics that your ticket, voucher or proof of purchase should have if you are going to make a claim Date and time of the transaction.
Address and complete details of the seller.
Sales number, ticket, order or sales reference.
Detail of the operation: number of articles and description
Price breakdown, as well as promotion code or specification in the account subtotal.
Tax data for issuance of invoice and data or means of contact in case of doubts or clarifications (these data must be available not only on the website, but on the ticket or voucher).
What to do if a Hot Sale promotion is not respected Look for your purchase receipt and your proof of payment, whether they have been issued physically or electronically. If you do not have it, search the website of the site for the basic data described above and collect as much information from your transaction because it will be the basis for arguing your complaint.
Communicate your disagreement to the establishment directly through their means of contact. Attach a copy or image of your ticket and the approved charge.
If you do not receive a favorable response, contact the Express Concilia line of the Federal Consumer Prosecutor’s Office (Profeco) , with the same previous information, especially those related to the name of the establishment, as well as the place, date and time of the transaction. The Consumer Phone is 55 68 87 22 and 01 800 468 87 22, from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. A representative of the Attorney General’s Office will contact the provider to seek a favorable agreement for both parties.


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