Bank of England used as Bitcoin bulletin board to fuel inflation fears

In order to raise awareness of the dangers of modern monetary theory (MMT), the bank building was accompanied by the message "printing money is stealing from the poor" and the bitcoin symbol. . From England (BoE). The event has exposed the gap between economic policy and cryptocurrency in general. As alarm bells ring about the health of the global economy, can we expect a massive resurgence of financial fraud against the public? Source: Central Banks and Bitcoin Won't Gain Ground The main idea behind MMT is that governments should be able to print and print as much money as they need. This is because they have a monopoly on the fiat money supply and cannot go bankrupt or insolvent. "To put it simply, these governments don't rely on taxes or credits for their spending because they can press as much as they need and give out monopoly money." Critics of MMT argue that this philosophy contradicts the traditional understanding of the role of government in society, the nature of money, the purpose of taxation, and financial responsibility. There is also the problem of inflationary pressure caused by an excessive money supply. With its 21 million bid, Bitcoin is held by cryptocurrency advocates as the antithesis of this model. But how to exchange silver globally is a completely different question, at least at Level 1. However, no matter how feasible this scenario might be, in line with the creator's intent, Bitcoin began to represent the opposite of the reckless monetary policy in the digital age. Therefore, central banks take a negative view of cryptocurrency. Earlier this year, BoE Governor Andrew Bailey warned at a roundtable at the World Economic Forum that the cryptocurrency, especially Bitcoin, will not last long due to its "lack of design and management." Fear of inflation creeps over the weekend, Warren Buffett warned Berkshire Hathaway shareholders about:

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