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The latest Bank of America survey of Global Fund Managers shows that “long bitcoin” is now the third-busiest trade. The most intense trade at the moment is” long tech stocks ” followed by”long ESG.”

Dec July’s Bank of America survey of global fund managers, released on Tuesday, shows “long bitcoin” ranked third among the busiest transactions. Global fund managers overview is a monthly report by Bank of America securities that examines the views of nearly 200 corporate, mutual and hedge fund managers worldwide.

The most intense trading at the moment is” long tech stocks, ” followed by “long ESG”and”long bitcoins.””Long goods” decked out fourth among the busiest deals last month.

Fund managers surveyed in July were much less optimistic about growth, profits and inflation than a year earlier, a Bank of America survey shows. Overall, 74% of fund managers still expect growth and inflation to be above trend.”

Long bitcoin was the busiest trade in May, when “long tech stocks” came in second, followed by”long ESG.” In June, the long commodity overtook long bitcoin as the busiest trade, placing cryptocurrency trading second. “Long tech shares “was ranked third at the time, while” long ESG ” was ranked fourth.

Meanwhile, according to the bank’s internal memo, Bank of America has formed a group to deconstruct cryptocurrencies. “Thanks to our strong industry research analysis, leading global payment platform and expertise in blockchain, we have unique capabilities to provide leadership in the field of thinking,” the bank said in a statement last week.”Bank of America recently released a report saying that digital currencies in developing countries” can accelerate economic growth.”

What do you think of the tech stocks and ESGS that have overtaken bitcoin as the busiest transactions in Bank of America’s new review? Tell us in the comments below.

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