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Balancer partnered with Lido under a joint metastable pool incentive program

Balancer is pleased to announce the launch of metastable pools and our partnership with Lido with partner pool incentives. While stable pools are important for tokens with a value of 1: 1, metastable pools are excellent for tokens with prices that are strongly correlated but not tightly bound. Therefore, metastable pools are particularly suitable for the processing of paired tokens that gradually collect fees.

One of the most effective use cases for metastable pools is to” embed” other pools by storing Balancing Pool tokens (BPT), which facilitates deciduous exchanges between component tokens and nested pool tokens — as if all component tokens were in the same pool. Stabal3-USD metastable pool consisting of Dai, USDC, and USDT) and newusdstable tokens that can be used to switch between newusdstable and one of the nested StaBAL3-USD tokens (Dec, USDC, USDT).

While stable pools are well suited for tokens with 1: 1 exchange rates, metastable pools work well for tokens that gradually differ in value. In the example above, StaBAL3-USD is strongly associated with the US dollar price, but the pool token rises in price as trading fees accumulate. A metastable pool with Dai and CDAI would also work well, because CDAI gradually gains value when the underlying Dai is secured by credit when connected.

Metastable pools also offer October benefits for traders and liquidity providers. Previously, someone who wanted to facilitate transactions between newusdstable, DAI, USDC and USDT would create a standard deciduous pool of four tokens. However, as a metastable pool, this pool can utilize the high liquidity of StaBAL3-USD by offering better prices for traders. At the same time, it reduces the liquidity gap of stable coins, which in turn improves prices and increases the maximum amount of transactions. At the same time, stabal3-USD liquidity providers do not need to worry about potential volatility, security or newusdstable failures

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