Axie Infinity token up 56% this week, AXS in top 50 most valuable crypto projects

The price of axie Infinity tokens, also known as” the Shard, ” continues to rise rapidly, reaching new price levels. The asset reached $ 75.73 per unit, down 10% from the record high (ATH) recorded five days earlier. Axie Infinity’s market valuation also entered the 50 Most Valuable positions in crypto-capitalization, and is currently 41 on line.

Axie Infinity Grows In Popularity
Using the Axie Infinity network, the cryptocurrency project and the ethereum-based gaming community continue to gain value and attract attention. Dec Dec July 11-17, 12-month worldwide statistics from Google Trends (GT) data show that the search term “Axie Infinity” scored the highest GT Data score it could receive in a week (100). Searches based on GT data show that the search has decimated slightly since then, while “Axie Infinity” search teams still have a high score of 76 at the time of writing.

Axie Infinity data on Google Trends on August 16, 2021.
Statistics specify website traffic growth was 375% and 22.9 million visits. June April 2021 web site traffic began to grow and by the end of June it had increased significantly. The Website is very popular in the Philippines this week and data from around the world shows its Worldwide website ranking is 1,157. While most traffic comes from the Philippines, Venezuela, Brazil, the US and Argentina respectively.

Otherwise Infinity data is dated August 16, 2021.
AXS collected 934% of US dollar in 90 days, up 227% from last month
The Axie Infinity token (AXS) has risen 934.35% against the US dollar and 840.61% against bitcoin (BTC) over the past 90 days. Against the US dollar, the AXS has risen 56.94% over the past seven days. Two-week Statistics show AXS has risen 78% and 227% in the past 30 days. Axs economy estimated at $ 3.9 billion

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