Axie Infinity Builders raised $ 7.5 million

Metaversal is a Bankless newsletter for weekly upgrades for NFTs, Virtual Worlds and Collections. Subscribe Now Dear Bankless Nation, Many of the best projects in the NFT ecosystem are those whose teams have proven to be excellent at managing and allocating resources. That's why it's important to announce that Sky Mavis, creators of the popular NFT game Axie Infinity, has raised $ 7.5 million in a new funding round. Sky Mavis is one of the major grant projects mentioned above, so they can make this new unexpected drop in cash a big addition to the Axie ecosystem. For example, we recently released Ronin Side Chain, which shows exactly what Sky Mavis can do when putting power and money behind an effort. Now we patiently wait for what these powerful builders will do next! -WMP 🙏 Sponsor: Stylish Gateway – Buy, Sell & Save NFT! Axie Builders Reaching the Stars Axie Infinity is arguably the foremost pioneer for the burgeoning NFT gameplay style to prevail. Gamers who make money from grinding their favorite games can dominate this broader game ecosystem for decades, as it makes sense to anyone who has played a modern video game before. So if you're not paying attention to Axie Infinity right now, you're seriously missing something. For Sky Mavis, the team that created and guided Axie Infinity perfectly, knowledgeable investors are fortunately on the alert. Indeed, today, May 11, Sky Mavis announced that it has completed a $ 7.5 million Series A fundraising event with some of the most influential players in the crypto economy. More than a dozen institutions, including but not limited to Libertus Capital, BlockTower Capital, Animoca Brands, MetaCartel Ventures, Coingecko Ventures, Mark Cuban, Alexis Ohanian, Gabby Dizon, Peter Pan, Julian Bouteloup, GmoneyNFT, and more than two dozen people either joined. , Leo Cheng and more. New financing wave came after Sky Mavis raised $ 1.5 million for the first time

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