Award-winning carbon broker to assist XELS in its purchasing and balancing strategy

PRESS RELEASE. Redshaw Consultants will support XELS 'mission to increase participation in carbon markets in Japan and abroad. Tokyo, Japan – XELS, a revolutionary blockchain-based carbon offset platform, announced a partnership with renowned carbon brokerage and risk management firm Redshaw Advisors. As part of this partnership, Redshaw Advisors will provide strategic advice, advice and carbon credit acquisition for XELS. Stable Carbon Offsetting Originally targeting the voluntary carbon loans segment, XELS launched its blockchain platform and its digital asset of the same name earlier this month. The initiative's symbolic offset credits in a permanent ledger aim to increase both transparency and participation in carbon markets. Unlike traditional carbon credits, XELS cannot be exchanged or redundant, and the process of "burning" used tokens means that the loan is withdrawn indefinitely. Anyone with access to a computer and Internet connection, from environmentally conscious individuals to businesses dealing with climate change, can buy and trade XELS. By partnering with XELS and Redshaw LTD Redshaw Advisors, XELS will be able to guarantee the legitimacy of any credit it has token, as well as provide an additional record of credit debt to the Redshaw Advisors registration account. After retirement, Redshaw Consultants will also issue certificates that XELS customers can use to precisely state the amount of CO2 they neutralize. Bill Goldie, Volunteer Market Manager at Redshaw Advisors, said: “Redshaw is delighted to have the opportunity to advise, consult and purchase XELS in all carbon markets – compliance and voluntary – and energies. renewable.

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