Australia's first NFT exhibition comes to Melbourne

Australian NFT marketplace NFT STARS is bridging the gap between the digital and physical worlds by hosting Australia's first NFT exhibition, SIDUS. Its mission is to introduce the public to the world of digital art. Taking place in Melbourne from 4-14 July 2021, the exhibition will showcase a wide range of artists and include an educational programme. The big idea behind the event is to guide people to discover new facets of art and show the unique world of NFT. Interest in the NFT market has grown sharply since the beginning of 2021, but the industry is pretty closed in terms of both financial opportunities and knowing what it takes to create an NFT. NFT STARS strives to make the NFT world more inclusive and to create a space where the general public can take the first step towards it. Dan Khomenko, CEO of NFT STARS, said: “We believe the future of art is digital. Technology enters every aspect of our lives and it is normal for artists to portray the world we live in using contemporary tools. We want to break the stereotype that NFT art is only for crypto enthusiasts. SIDUS 2021 is a starting point – possibly the first point of contact for many people interested in this new digital art form.” Exhibition agenda – why it is worth seeing In collaboration with Venue, NFT STARS will present an impressive collection in collaboration with SpaCE@Collins. Creators in the NFT STARS market digital art created by, but not limited to, every day there will be an educational corner where visitors can learn the basics about non-exchangeable tokens – how they are minted, sold, transferred and how people can claim their property.All artists out there can attend the event and create their own NFT. The team shows how to do this and creates with you instantly, on the spot Digital artists still have a chance to be featured and showcased in NFT STARS

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