Australian senator says cryptocurrency isn't temporary – the government won't get in its way

Australian Senator and Financial Services Secretary Jane Hume said, “Cryptocurrency is not a fashion. It is an asset class that will gain importance. He stressed that the government will not oppose investing in cryptocurrencies. “We have to let people make their own decisions,” he said. The Australian government said on Thursday, Australian crypto lawmaker Jane Hume, that cryptocurrencies are not a temporary trend and will increase in importance as an asset class, the Financial Review reported. The crypto commentary was part of Morrison's management speech outlining its approach to a new wave of digital financial platforms and products. Hume is an Australian. Senator and secretary of pensions, financial services and digital economy. She is also the women's economic security secretary. Responding to the growing number of platforms such as Tiktok, Facebook, Instagram and Reddit, which provide investors with investment information and advice, the senator said we need to help Australians be smart enough to support and judge them. – even if they do their best. . money earned in high risk assets. He acknowledged that there was bad information and investment advice on the Internet that could lead to losses for investors who followed them. However, the senator noted that there was also good advice. The Australian Securities and Investments Commission warned last year of an increase in unsupervised social media content in markets and investments targeting simple private investors. Senator said: While it's frustrating for investment professionals to watch, at some point we need to let people make their own decisions … It's a matter of personal responsibility and common sense. This Australian government approach encompasses cryptocurrency, including the crypto dogecoin nozzle, which is heavily supported by a number of people, including Tesla CEO Elon Musk. While highlighting crypto currencies,

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