Australian cricket legend Brett Lee joins in Bitcoin donation to help the Covid crisis in India

Australian cricket legend Brett Lee and sports betting leader Sportsbet donated 1 Bitcoin to provide much-needed relief to India during the current Covid pandemic crisis. The money will be used to help with general aid and general medical supplies to India. Lee has spent a lot of time in the country over the years and sees India as his second home, and when he realized how much India was suffering from the covid crisis, the former Australian cricket player felt compelled to do so. Help. Deeply saddened by the suffering of the Indian people after the pandemic, Lee donated a Bitcoin to the community fund founded by Polygon co-founder Sandeep Nailwal, Crypto continues to support global communities Following Lee's leadership in supporting the case, did the same to support India, donating 1 Bitcoin. The former Ashes player feels privileged and has a responsibility to make a difference in this ongoing global issue. For the efforts and ongoing challenges, Lee also thanks "all the frontline employees who work day and night in these troubled times." Lee can help the cause and is supporting India with a billion-dollar donation to provide essential medical supplies, including oxygen supply for hospitals in India. After witnessing the generous donation of Brett Lee and the wider crypto community who came together for this purpose, Sportsbook Director Joe McCallum said he too must stand up and join the effort. Crypto Aid Support for India Crypto has a mission to alleviate suffering in India and supports support by providing essential healthcare and services. With donations from Brett Lee, and others, Crypto partners with various trusted organizations and initiatives to ensure transparency and effective payments. Already have

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