Augmented reality-Gebaseerde Dogemon Go Stelt spelers mobile game on staat om Dogecoin te verdienen

Following this year’s hype about the mem-based dog Decoin digital currency, the development team announced the launch of an augmented reality (AR) mobile game called “Dogemon Go.” Similar to the Pokémon Go game, players capture virtual characters called “Dogemons” and can earn dogecoin for rewards as the characters rise.

Catch the dogemon and win the Doge
There’s a new mobile game using augmented reality (AR) and dog Decoin (DOGE) crypto assets. The crypto community caught the scent of the dogemon Go game last month, and the project’s official Twitter page began tweeting about the new game.

Mobile game developers ar recently reported that the game is decommissioned for iOS devices and an Android app is currently being created. The project site welcomes game visitors and also includes a map of the AR decks. Web portal he says:

Start now and catch your first Dogmon. Combine the gaming experience with your favorite demons. Start catching dogemons today [en] if you’re a great trainer, you can use cryptocurrency as your decoy among other dogemons . Dogemons are waiting for you-start now and catch them all!

Privacy concerns and Dogemon’s “advertising haven”
An app in the Apple App Store shows that the game was developed by a programmer named Shemi Suarez. The website explains that the game was produced by a team called Frozen Limited, and the website hosts a video trailer for the game.

Some people may refuse to play the game for privacy reasons, as it requires the option of using a Google account, a Facebook account, or an Apple ID to register for the game. Pokémon Go also needs one of these accounts to play the decoy game. When a player starts the game, he will be able to adjust his coach’s avatar.

The Dogemon game does not have any comments or reviews due to the fact that it is so new. Although the graphics on Pokémon Go are better

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