Attackers-ransomware made $ 33M in bitcoins this year

The hackers behind the ransomwhere attacks have amassed about $ 33 million worth of bitcoins since the start of the year, according to data from Ransomwhere. That amount could rise significantly if Russian-speaking cybercrime syndicate REvil claims $ 70 million from about 200 U.S. companies affected by a massive ransomware attack earlier this month.

Ransomware program REvil (Sodinokibi), a relatively new threat first identified in April 2019, is responsible for a third of all ransomware payments this year because victims pay hackers $ 11.3 million in bitcoins.

This also makes Revil the second-largest ransomer of all time, watched by Ramsomwhere, in terms of money collected from victims. The Mailto / Netwalker group brings the list to $ 27.9 million.

Mailto / Netwalker ranks second with a net $ 5.7 million this year, with ragnarlocker, DarkSide and Egregor among other major threats.Dec.

The total number of ransomware payments tracked in 2021. Source: Ransomwhere.
Ransomware data crowdsourcing
Ramsomwhere open, başlatılan payment ransomware launched and last week Jack кейблом, researcher, security, a lead agency that helps cybersecurity and infrastructure security to ensure the security of the United States, election systems until the presidential elections 2020.

In a Twitter announcement about the vehicle’s launch, cable said it was impossible to know the full impact of the attacks without extensive public data on the total number of ransomware payments. Having such data, he said, can also help to understand whether “the adoption of certain actions changes the picture.”

Today, I look forward to launching ransomwhere, an open-source, crowdsourced ransomware payment tracker. Browse the site and provide dataıu9tpdn and stay tuned @ransomwhere_.

A thread about where I saw this happen:

– Jack cable (@jackcable)July 8, 2021

If the total ransomware payments recorded by Ramsomwhere have already exceeded $ 60 million, it could indeed

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