Astro Crypto: how solar cycles could affect bitcoin, VIX and stock market

Sundays are cyclical, as are the sun, moon and rest of the solar system. But will solar cycles be what controls the tides and flows of financial markets, especially bitcoin and stocks?

VIX, S&P 500 and cryptocurrency research conclude that there may be more to this relationship. And when the sun wakes up after a decade of sleep and starts to pick up in activity, the long-term peak in the markets may be near.

How Does Astrology Fit Into Financial Analysis?
Whether you believe it personally or decisively, the facts suggest a link between the position of outside organizations and their impact on financial markets.

Four scary factors packed with Read / FUD on the subject, bitcoin investors should beware

The moon is known to control tides and flow, and every bitcoin graph with the moon cycle enabled shows an almost instantaneous correlation. The reason for all this is in people’s mood.

Some astrological events, such as retrograde Mercury, are bad as they cause complications in relationships and technology.

Could the sun be a power controlling financial markets? / Source: sunspots index data center
But can Solar and 10.3-year solar cycles act as top or bottom signals on the stock market? And if so, how could it affect Bitcoin, which has had only one solar cycle since its creation?

How Will Bitcoin React To Solar Energy’s Link To The Stock Market?
Socioeconomic evidence suggests that the sun, moon and stars may influence human behavior. Human mood or emotion and mood is the main engine in Sundays, along with supply and demand.

If the above is true, and the solar cycle can predict bull or bear markets to some extent, the timeline suggests that a major crash will occur.

The VIX tracks solar cycle models from above / source: BTCUSD
The diagram at the top of the article ends with a dotcom bubble. Forecast uses nothing more than an increase in sunspot

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