Astro Crypto: Bitcoin, Total Eclipse and Flower Blood Super Moon

Today is a rare full moon that coincides with a complete lunar eclipse, which is called the Super Flower Moon, giving the moon a crimson hue. For the most part, this shouldn't affect Bitcoin, but after seeing a moon phase chart, it's impossible not to notice at least one correlation in cryptocurrency. In addition to the Super Flower Blood Moon, there are many other astrological meanings right now, and it could be a shock to people who have leaked into the cryptocurrency market. Does astrology have any value in crypto markets? Bitcoin on the Moon! It is a commonly used expression in crypto. You can also exchange BTC for another currency. The phrase was made more popular recently by Elon Musk and the same coin Doge, but it has always been a theme in crypto. So why should so many crypto investors write the month itself as security in the markets? Astrology is the study of stars and planetary alignments, weather conditions, emotions, etc. It causes changes. Some legendary traders reliably used this information to predict the ups and downs of markets – could Bitcoin be the same? Related reading | Bitcoin and Pink Full Moon Astro crypto are growing in popularity at Scorpio, but still shrouded in mystery and stigma. But perhaps the current Super Flower Blood Moon could shed some light on the direction of the best cryptocurrency – it also gives astrology some advantage. Will Bitcoin re-pump with the full moon or will it see more blood? | Source: Will Bitcoin Bleed In BTCUSD Super Flower Full Moon on The chart above is from a trader who rarely focuses on astrology, but they shed light on the relationship between crypto and the moon due to the rumors surrounding this big blood moon. Perhaps there is a little more for investors who want their coin to be "the moon". Or maybe the effects of the moon are more than you see. Related reading

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