Aster uses Web3 grant to implement ZK plonk in Polkadot

The primer network, formerly the plasma network, is taking the next big step in zero information (ZK) projects and scaling solutions. Astar’s parent company Stake Technologies announced that the open Web3 grant they received would be used to fund the team zk Plonk project in Polkadot. 

Making ZK Plonk in substrate palette
The company is working on a simple implementation of ZK plonk by Polkadot developers using the plonk substrate palette. The zk Plonk, produced by the Aztec company, is also called universal zkSNARK because of its fixed verification time and universal reference string that creates evidence with all kinds of schemes. Therefore, there is no need to recreate the familiar setup for each schema created. 

With ZK evidence, it is possible to prove a claim without disclosing any information. In terms of ZK proof, there are two different basic procedures: producing the sender’s proof and verifying the sender’s proof. Because the verification time is constant and accurate, the waiting time is not long, even for complex evidence. Users can also use the original reference string.

De plonk will be an important technology in scaling and privacy solutions. zk-SNARKS and zk-STARKS are popular ZK systems. 

Web3 Fund Invests In Decentralized Protocols
The Web3 Foundation is working with several companies to develop the Web3 ecosystem. To date, the fund has been funded by more than 48 grants in 2021, with more than 250 different projects accepted from the start of the grant program. In December 2020, the then plasma network (now Primer) received an open grant from the Web3 Foundation for the implementation of ZK storage packages. The first milestone of the project, the implementation of ZK’s cumulative contracts on the substrate and lining network, was completed in March 2021. 

Bringing other ZK systems in Polkadot
The lining network is the Dapp hub in Polkadot, which supports the Ethereum Virtual Machine and Layer 2 solutions such as zk convolutions. In March 2021, Sota Watanabe, founder of the liner network, announced

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