Asian stocks rise, US dollar falls

On a positive day for Asian stocks, Wall Street is one day behind overnight after Monday's breathless session. Instead, Asian markets should get their signals from Europe, where cyclical recovery currents are pushing local markets up. It is a much more comfortable space for ASEAN markets than the wild and technological enthusiasm of the United States. On Wall Street, the dwarves stopped overnight to breathe, despite the slackening of US bond yields. The S&P 500 fell 0.10%, the Nasdaq was almost unchanged and closed 0.05% lower, and Dow Jones dropped 0.30%. US futures rose at three this morning in Asia, confirming that the march on the ground continues as action moves elsewhere. Nikkei 225 rose 0.30% and Kospi rose 0.55% after Samsung increased earnings expectations. The mainland and Hong Kong markets will open soon and are expected to grow cautiously at first. Singapore and Taiwan rose 0.25% after yesterday's low performance, while Kuala Lumpur rose 0.45%. Solid data, travel balloons, solid commodity prices, and a 0.55% increase in ASX 200 and all Australian standards, with no reason to be negative, give local investors no reason. The US dollar is pulling back completely The feeling of a global recovery in the money markets continued in full swing overnight, as the US dollar fell drastically, led by the previously unpopular euro rally. The dollar index fell 0.30% to 92.30 and broke the support at 92.50. It is slightly lower to 92.26 in Asia, its next support is around the 92.00 region. The dollar's decline was supported by the relaxation of US interest rates along the curve, especially in longer terms. The EUR / USD rose 0.55% overnight to 1.1875 and fell just below the 200-day moving average (DMA). The British pound fell 0.50% to 1.3835 as EUR / GBP buyers turned to cross after the EU announced an improved outlook for vaccination in the eurozone. Both the euro and the pound came out of weak wedge formations and so the emotion lurks overnight Read more

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