AS Roma ondertekent € 36 miljoen deal met Blockchain Fintech Zytara Labs

AS Roma has announced a comprehensive 36m euro deal with blockchain company Zytara Labs. The deal is in the form of a three-year partnership and includes t-shirt sponsorship, closer interaction between NFT collections and fan clubs Dec.

Digitalbits the famous Italian football team, which will be fully integrated into the zytara the lab blockchain network, with the digitalbits logo, which will be displayed on the T-shirts of the Home, Away, Third and goalkeeping teams of the first men’s and women’s teams.

The deal will be uniquely marked: the first eleven decks of the 2021-22 season will be sold during the friendly match between Roma and Montecatini. In October, 25 memorable gold rings can be purchased and current Serie A players will receive the remaining 25, with proceeds going to charity Roma Cares.

AS Roma CEO Guido Fienga commented on the collaboration between AS Roma and DigitalBits Dec.:

“We can no longer be happy to officially allow As Roma to join the digital ICT ecosystem. DigitalBits is a blockchain known for its speed, efficiency and sustainability: features that reflect the values of our club and allow us to deepen interaction with our fans around the world in many ways.& quot;

Here’s what zytara founder and digitalbits blockchain says: 

“these are one of the most famous football teams in the world,” Roman ” and a historical relationship with zytar DigitalBits not only, but also for the blockchain industry as a whole converter. While expanding the collective imagination, Roma is demonstrating how blockchain technology can be used to strengthen the connection between sports teams and the community of fans and other deciders.”;

Rome may not be the first European sports organization to collaborate with a blockchain company, but this agreement is noteworthy as it is considered the largest partnership between a blockchain company and its parent Sports Club in terms of contract length and gross decency.

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