Artists plan to erect a bronze statue of Satoshi Nakamoto in Budapest to honor Bitcoin creator

Hungary plans to become the first country in the world to erect a statue of Satoshi Nakamoto, as a life-size bronze bust of the creator of Bitcoin will be displayed in Budapest. The bronze bust design was made by two sculptors, Tamás Gilly and Réka Gergely. Reflective bronze hooded bust of Satoshi Nakamoto erected in Budapest When the project is completed, a statue of Satoshi Nakamoto will be erected in Budapest, Hungary. The creators of the bronze bust, Tamás Gilly and Réka Gergely, recently unveiled their design plans for the statue of the famous cryptocurrency inventor. Of course, if you don't know who the anonymous Nakamoto is, it's hard to imagine him, but that doesn't stop Gilly and Gergely. According to early design sketches, Satoshi Nakamoto will be a hooded figure referring to both the unknown "people of the internet" and the mysterious creator of Bitcoin. The artists and the person who came up with the idea think that Nakamoto deserves a life-size bust that everyone can see. András Györfi, who came up with the idea for the Satoshi statue, told the press that Nakamoto's true identity was not important. Under the sculpted hoodie, the producers state that Nakamoto's face will be reflective to reinforce the "we are all Satoshi Nakamoto" concept. Györfi says the mysterious inventor of cryptocurrency made the world a better place and deserves a statue. Györfi and the sculptors were not the first to come up with the idea for a statue of Satoshi, because three years ago in Kiev an attempt was made to erect a virtual monument to Satoshi Nakamoto. In the same year, the first monument dedicated to "Bitcoin and Blockchain" was built in Kranj, Slovenia. In addition, in Budapest there is already a full-size statue of an anonymous character in a hoodie with a cape. As shown in the main image for this article, there is a bronze statue of "Anonymous" in Budapest's Vajdahunyad Castle.

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