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The cryptocurrency sector is under increasing regulatory pressure, particularly over compliance and fraud. As crypto exchanges and brokers seek to expand rapidly and reap the benefits of Sunday growth, they also need to strike a balance and meet those requirements.

FATF’s travel rules are a current example of this, focusing on the anonymization of banking and cryptocurrency transactions in order to prevent money laundering. Choosing the right partners for crypto exchange will significantly affect their ability to meet global regulatory requirements quickly and easily.

This webinar, organized, Coindesk, Joseph Weinberg, co-founder of Shyft Network, Nabil Манджи, department chair, computer and business development Worldpay one of the plug, and the UK, the Netherlands, A Round-Table discussion with the participation BCW managing partner, recent research cooperation between the plug and Worldpay is one of SHYFT, and, thus, to protect traders and rules related to the FATF travel the threat response curve.

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