Ares Protocol Team Criticizes Founders, Encourages Unethical Behavior

In a jaw-dropping announcement earlier today, team members at Polkadot-backed Ares Protocol called on "Andy" and "Keric" founders about clandestine business dealings and unethical practices, claiming that the founding duo would instead allocate all funds from investors. kept it to themselves to direct them to development or marketing initiatives. The team rallied the founding duo in the hard report Ares Protocol, which claims to be the first decentralized Oracle service protocol with chain authentication. However, according to the team, the Ares Oracle project does not exist and therefore has not been implemented in any of the projects. They went even further to announce that the original attack protocol code was not genuine and was instead purchased from a third-party developer. False advertising and market manipulation allegations against the founders The report also claimed that founders went under the radar to maintain a low-profile profile that would escape scrutiny while dumping the tokens they were supposed to contain. The announcement also claimed that the founders incorrectly promoted people who no longer work at Ares as team members on the company's website. Claims of mass worker migration due to lack of payment or token compensation were also applied to the founders. Talking about this situation, the team wrote: “They are using people to work for them by giving them a salary and future token allocation. As the time for reparations approaches, they find excuses to fire people and throw them out.” The team also accused the founders of inflating the Balancer price by bidding for their own tokens in the Balancer pool. They claimed that this unethical behavior caused people to buy the token at a higher price and lost their money. Other allegations against the founders include not locking liquidity in Uniswap, owning about 45% of the tokens and using their own money to manipulate the market. Ares Protocol Team Doxxe

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