Are these the 6 richest people in the crypto industry?

There is a lot of money in the crypto industry, that's for sure. And we are at a stage where there are such advanced projects that their creators have already benefited. And then there's Bitcoin. Early adopters and believers, extremely long-term holders, are sitting on a fortune. However, who made the most money? It's an extremely difficult question to answer. The pseudonymous nature of blockchain technology makes such questions extremely difficult. There are wallets that no one knows who they belong to and that contain thousands of coins. There are billionaires who declare investments, but no one knows which wallets belong to them. Not everyone in the crypto industry is a public figure. Not everyone in the room wants attention. Related literature | Ethereum Foundation Vitalik Buterin Talks ETH Inflation Rate With this in mind, Coin Bureau's YouTube channel launched an investigation and came to credible conclusions. If we can agree that the list is entertainment and predominantly western oriented, we can have fun with it. So let's do it. Who are the six richest people in the crypto industry? To make this fair, Coin Bureau has targeted people who hold most of their wealth in cryptocurrencies. This makes people like Coinbase's Brian Armstrong and MicroStrategy's Michael Saylor unsuitable as most of their wealth is tied to their companies. It also rejects all billionaires who have a small percentage of their wealth in crypto. Now that the rules are clear, let's get started. 6.- Tim Draper and Max Keizer tied at number five, two very different Bitcoin believers. Tim Draper: This venture capital investor made the purchase of his life by buying all the Bitcoins seized from the Silk Road dark web market. "US Marshall service auctioned 30,000 BTC that went into Tim's wallet for $19 million." These are currently worth about $1 billion. Draper is not part of the crypto industry,

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