Another NFT violation; Huobi NFT platform charged with copyright infringement

The Huobi NFT trading and exchange platform has been accused of breaching two entertainment industry star projects in a row. Huobi has been warned of expected lawsuits against the NFT platform. However, the breached data has been removed from the HUOBI NFT platform, users are now demanding an explanation explaining how the purchased and purchased NFT will be handled.

Chinese journalist Colin Wu tweeted about the Huobi breach, making it a second copyright infringement within days.

The Huobi NFT platform was accused of violating two consecutive entertainment star projects, and they even threatened to sue. Information about Huobi has been removed, and users do not know how to handle the NFT purchased or purchased.

President Blockchain (@WuBlockchain) July 14, 2021

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Huobi has launched a $ 100 million investment project that will be spent to create a space dedicated to the violent trend of non-interchangeable tokens (NFT). The project’s launch was announced by the huobi Group in May. An investment division was established to diversify the Sunday trading and exchange platforms market and expand digital asset trading.

The latest huobi fund is expected to acquire blockchain companies that can be combined consistently in Huobi’s existing trading and exchange businesses and make venture investments in the early stage of the NFT. That included $ 10 million used exclusively to invest and trade in NFTS.

“What we are seeing in the market today is only a small fraction of what is possible with NFT,” Huobi Group Chief Financial Officer Lily Zhang, who will lead the new division of Huobi Ventures, told Reuters.

Last month, the upcoming NFT platform, IBox, was incubated by bringing the Premium NFT huobi X Center to Asia. The Ibox service is available in huobi ECO-Chain (HECO), an EVM-compliant blockchain that provides developers with an efficient and cost-effective internal network and environment for decentralized applications (dApps), smart contacts, and digital assets.

“We plan to

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