Another crackdown on Bitcoin mining: China’s Anhui province to shut down crypto miners

China’s Anhui province has announced that bitcoin mining in the region will be halted as pressure continues against crypto miners in the country.

China’s Anhui province plans to crack down on crypto miners
A series of crackdowns against bitcoin mining are under way in China, joined by another Province, Anhui, according to a Bloomberg report.

Anhui Province, located in eastern China, is just three hours away from Shanghai by bullet train.

The local government plans to eliminate all bitcoin miners and related projects in the province within the next 3 years., the local news portal reported news of the government movement for the first time. The media group behind the site has ties to the Government of Hefei, the capital of Anhui province.

According to the news portal, the province has been facing acute electricity shortages for some time. Anhoi’s current energy supply is about 48.4 million kilowatts, while the government predicts demand of about 73 million kilowatts by 2024.

Since bitcoin mining farms are very energy efficient, this move makes sense to save energy.

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According to reports, the province also plans to limit the energy needs of all new projects that require high energy consumption in the future. Data centers will also be built regularly.

There was also talk of reforming electricity prices in the province to ensure reasonable energy use.

Mining And Pushing Down Bitcoin Prices
The closure of mining in Anhui is part of a series of crypto-related pressures that China has been undergoing for some time.

When China announces new retaliation, the price of bitcoin tends to fall. The bull run of 2021, when China repeated its ban on cryptocurrencies and the price of BTC fell by almost 50%, is over.

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Inner Mongolia and other parts of the country, such as the Greek province

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