Anonymous Targets Elon Musk To Destroy Crypto Owners' Lives In An Attempt To Control Bitcoin

Decentralized group Anonymous posted a message for Elon Musk in a video calling the Tesla CEO "nothing but another narcissistic rich man desperate for attention." They shed light on many things people may not know about Musk, including how he treats employees, how he harms the environment, where his wealth comes from, how Tesla actually makes money, and his attempt to centralize and control bitcoin mining. Anonymous, a decentralized international activist and hacktivism movement, released a video on Friday addressing Tesla CEO Elon Musk. It is unknown whether the people behind this video are the same Anonymous as the hacktivist group known to have been carrying out cyber attacks on various governments since 2003. The video begins with a message: “Hello citizens of the world. This is a message for Elon Musk from Anonymous." Elon Musk, 'He is nothing but another narcissistic rich man who yearns for attention' The video begins by explaining why Elon Musk is popular. You've had the most positive reputation of anyone in the billionaire class for meeting the desire to have to live in the world of cars and space exploration." Addition: But lately, your elaborate public image has been exposed and people are calling you nothing more than another narcissistic rich man in need of attention. "It seems that your quest to save the world is based on a complex of superiority and savior rather than a genuine concern for humanity," they said. Workers, young children, the local community suffer from Elon Musk. It has long been evident by [his] employees who are under [his] command in exhilarating circumstances". The group cited an article in the Observer titled "Elon Musk pushes Tesla factory workers to the brink of profit."

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