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Someone told me that the decline status for tokens (NFTS) that cannot be changed is illiquid.
I said,”Defie’s gonna fix this.”
That’s it. Today we will look at how to use fractionation.
Fractionation allows you to take the NFT and divide it into several parts (usually as ERC20 tokens) and then use it in Defi.
Share the NFT on UNISWAP? Without any problems.
Is AAVE involved in the money markets? Yesyes (it hasn’t happened yet, but it will)
Fractionation means we can create liquidity in the NFT with effective pricing.
The protocol, called Fractional, is one of the new protocols for this Apr (listen to our AMA here with the founder). They exploded on stage (raising only $ 8 million in funding) and became a platform for splitting popular NFTS.
William is showing us how to use it today.
Tip: great potential for retroactive landing in the future 👀
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Tuesday’s tactics by William M. Piaster, a cashless contributor and author of the metaverse
Fractionalization of an NFT using FractionalFractional is a new decentralized protocol for fractionalization of the NFT in ERC20 tokens. 
This cashless tactic will show you how to print partial partial ownership in NFT in a fractional way, as well as how to navigate other known vehicles through the upstart protocol.
Objective: to learn to fractionate NFT with fractionals
Ability: Medium
Exercise: at least 30 minutes to learn fractional basics
Return on investment: understanding the new NFT vertical

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