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There are a growing number of NFT collections, from digital art to related physical pieces, sports trading cards and even avatars in games. Metaverse games are also seeing a surge in popularity, providing the ideal conditions for many NFT enthusiasts to enter the digital worlds.

Digital worlds, or metavsels, may sound like something from a Spielberg movie, but in cryptometavs, it’s (decentralized) digital spaces where users can access a range of “Shared Worlds” that offer an immersive blockchain experience. Mark Zuckerberg once described the meta universe as “an embodied internet that you’re in, rather than just browsing content.”

One of the most famous blockchain worlds is a decentralized world. A virtual country where users can buy and sell digital property and participate in social games and apps. Since its inception in 2015 (and launch in 2021), Decentraland has sold more than $ 50 million, and this is the first virtual world to run on blockchain. Users can buy land around the world, create avatars and upload NFT (wearable) clothing.

As part of their creative approach to avatars, a new feature offered by Decentraland is the wearable device editor, which allows users to design their own fashion houses. – Nico Santangelo, Dapps technical director from the decentralization Foundation, reviews:

“The new portable editor allows everyone to create their own avatars and share them with others. Also, using Polygon, it’s easier (and cheaper!if the transactions are approved at almost insignificant gas costs, more than ever. We’re excited to see what the community will come up with.” 

Creating a new Sunday in metavselene not only attracted NFT’s blockchain, games, hobbies and collectors, but also a number of world brands, including NASA, Louis Vuitton and digital fashion company RTFKT.

Louis Vuitton entered both the gaming world and the NFT Sunday.

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