Analyze over-the-counter bitcoin decommissioning, BORRELEN meets with BTC Vraag

Digital currency markets are making gains, moving at lows seen a few weeks ago. This week, crypto traders, 21. they discussed OTC (OTC) agencies making requests for bitcoin, as the paradigm’s founders explained:”rich people [ru] institutions want to buy your bitcoin.”

Big Market Players “Want To Take Your Bitcoin,” Analyst Says”
Most traders use decentralized exchange (DeX) platforms or centralized exchange (CEX) transactions to purchase bitcoin (BTC) and numerous other digital currencies. however, wealthy individuals and institutions generally do not use DeX or cex practices because they prefer to trade through OTC (OTC) malls. Over-the-counter trading or over-the-counter trading is a trade between two parties decisively and often with the help of a representative of the over-the-counter trading Department. Unlike transactions made on the CEX or Dex platforms, these transactions are not recorded in the order books. Transfers from crypto-OTC agencies can be recorded.

21. glassnode scheme shared by Paradigm co-founder Dylan Lecler on July 29, 2021.
Two days ago, Dylan Lecler, co-founder of consulting firm 21st Paradigm, tweeted about some major OTC transfers, sharing his glassnode analysis program last week. “A large amount of transfers from OTC agencies last week,” Lecler said. “Rich people [and] institutions want to take your bitcoin,” he added. Another person agreed with Lecler and said,” Yes, sir, ” because that person, will Clemente, shared a Tweet on July 22 that showed a similar trend.

The cryptanalyst will share the tradingview program, which will be presented to Clemente on July 22, 2021.
“The RSI of OTC output shows the strongest BTC buy signal since last July,” Analyst will Clemente told his 158,000 followers on Twitter. “This points to the acquisition of settings / wealthy individuals,” he added. Some other traders discuss the issue on Twitter, agree with ot

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