An Internship Led This Entrepreneur to His Future Business Partner. Together, They Created a $250 Million Company.

James McKinney’s guest is Geige Vandentop, co-founder and CEO of livestream platform StreamYard. StreamYard allows creators to distribute video feeds to numerous popular platforms like Facebook and YouTube. As events all over the world were canceled in 2020, StreamYard grew rapidly, eventually selling to Hopin for around $250 million. In this episode, Vandentop and McKinney discuss topics like:
How Vandentop followed his father’s example, getting an engineering degree rather than a business degree. How that degree led to an internship he loved and his business partner at StreamYard.The market research he did before creating the business.Why he eventually decided to sell the business. Listen to a snippet of the interview above, or check out the full podcast here. 
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