An in-depth look at the first Bitcoin chain split: Satoshi helps reverse the creation of 184 billion BTC

Since January 3, 2009, the Bitcoin network was running 99.98662952015% of the time. However, the protocol experienced several breakdowns along the way, and on several occasions the chain broke into two parts. Most people are aware of the bitcoin Cash split that occurred on August 1, 2017, but the first time the bitcoin chain split occurred 11 years ago, on August 15, 2010.

Strange Block 74 638
4 019 days ago, August 15, 2010, there was a problem in the bitcoin community called an “overflow error”.”What is also called” malicious events ” or “strange block, 74,638 “”11:34:43 CDT 12:10: 33 CDT by August 15 user named”mizerydearia”. Several well-known developers, such as Jeff Garzik, Gavin Andresen, and bitcoin inventor Satoshi Nakamoto, have tackled the problem.

The disorder discovered on August 15, 2010 in Bitcoin block 74 638 was discovered by software developer Jeff Garzik and others participants.
Other participants in the discussions about the overflow error incident included people like” NewLibertyStandard “and” Theymos”. Dec. The “output value overflow” error was a critical issue as it generated 184.4 billion bitcoins (BTC). It was detected about 1.5 hours after the incident occurred, and the patch was finally delivered by Satoshi Nakamoto four hours later. The most difficult part of the entire trial took about five hours, but the official version of the Satoshi codebase was not completed until the next day.

Before Nakamoto released a customer fix of bitcoin 0.3.10, a blockchain split occurred. 51 blocks were produced in the chain, which eventually split up until the” good ” chain regained victory as proof of work (PoW). The consensus about this event was due to the developer’s concerns about the seriousness of the problem, the network’s miners, and the patch published by Satoshi Nakamoto.

The community believes that the malicious unknown entity created an overflow error

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