American rapper Tyga Te Lanseren only supports crypto-parallel ones

Cryptography was recently presented as a solution to the challenges faced by the popular adult content platform, with issues only experienced by fans. Last week, the company announced plans to remove all adult content by the first of October. This was because Visa and Mastercard’s payment systems made it difficult to pay for the company due to the nature of its core content. But it was revealed that this was actually due to a company asking for investors because they were rejected because of the type of content they posted on their site.

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This caused shockwaves in the community and the news world. Crypto enthusiasts have begun to assume that such things can be avoided through decentralized platforms and payment services such as cryptocurrencies. With Bitcoin, he makes suggestions on the type of crypto to be used for it.

The company did not respond to any of this, apparently determined to clear the site of All pornographic content. To that end, American rapper Tyga has announced plans to release his own platform, which will be a direct rival to OnlyFans. The platform the rapper plans to launch will be created on the Ethereum network.

The taiga just leaves its fans

Rapper Tyga opened his onlyfans account almost a year ago. Tyga was an ardent supporter of the platform and founded too Raww, a modeling agency designed to help creators get started on OnlyFans. After banning pornographic content, the rapper took to his Instagram to announce he was leaving the platform.

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Tyga announced that it had deleted its account on the platform and launched its own onlyfans rival, myystar, which would give creators more freedom and increase revenue decline. It also provides higher viewing quality

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