America lags behind cryptocurrency implementation: report

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In the US, it is one of the lowest rates of cryptocurrency adoption, according to Finder’s report on global adoption of cryptocurrencies, which compares ownership rates in 27 countries.

A survey of more than 42,000 people in 27 countries found that only 9% of Americans reported owning cryptocurrency, 10% less than the world average of 19%. The only country with a lower adoption rate than the US is the UK with 8%.

How do these low rates relate to the rest of the world? Let’s take a look at some of the key Sundays.

Asian countries top five in adoption rankings:

Vietnam has the highest cryptocurrency adoption rate, and an impressive 41% of Vietnamese adults say they own cryptocurrency.
Indonesia and India are second, with just under 30% of adults in each country owning cryptocurrency.
Malaysia came in fourth with 29%.
The Philippines still ranked fifth with an impressive adoption rate of 28%.

Of the European countries involved in the study, Belgium had the highest percentage of adults who reported owning cryptocurrency (26%). Italy and the Netherlands are two other European countries where adoption rates are above average. Germany, on the other hand, is well below the average, with an estimated figure of 11%.

The three North American countries surveyed-the US, Canada and Mexico – have below-average cryptocurrency adoption figures. In Canada and Mexico, the rate is 14%, lower than the world average but higher than in the US.

According to global trends, men in the US are much more likely to own cryptocurrency than American women, and according to the report, 12% of American men reported owning cryptocurrency compared to only 6% of women.

Of all the coins in our study, the gender gap is most pronounced for bitcoin (7% for men versus 2% for women). This looks like a trend that can be seen in the tech space, but hopefully this is a push towards a wider area

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