Amazon rumours dismissed-what now with bitcoin?

Bitcoin and the rest of the crypto market have been blown up after Sunday’s rumours that Amazon will accept cryptocurrencies as payment. However, now that an Amazon spokesperson has dismissed this rumor, what is the likely future trajectory of crypto domain development? 

In a report from London-based crypto news platform City AM, quoted on Amazon, “Insider” reported that the Sunday giant will begin accepting cryptocurrencies as payments by the end of the year. 

That spark (probably more like a fireball) illuminates the sensory paper Bitcoin has been sending out of lethargy for months and carrying the entire crypto Sunday. Although Bitcoin actually raised more than $ 40,000, it did not rise to a higher price level of about $ 41,300 on June 15. 

Short positions were decidedly wiped out as Bitcoin accelerated higher. More than 100,000 short traders have been liquidated and over $ 1 billion of their positions have been completely wiped out in the 24 hours since the price hike began. 

According to an article in Aljazeera, the wave is now falling, given that Amazon has denied the claim: 

“Despite this, the commission is not correct in relation to our specific plans around an area of interest, a speculation arises”, – said The Spokesman, Amazon. “We continue to focus on learning what it might look like to customers who shop on Amazon.” 

So, what is this bitcoin? 

According to Vijay Ayar, with kryptobirzhi Luno: 

The adjustment is part of a broader multi-wave correction since the current volatility in bitcoin prices hit a record high in April, he said. The price could rise to as much as $ 45,000 in the near term for another potential drop to complete the correction, he said. “We’re still seeing how the correction is happening,” he added. 

Other experts have speculated that Bitcoin could potentially be starting at the bottom of the recent bear market, Elliot’s 5. 4 of the wave cycle. it means he’s at the end of his wave. Wave 3 is a record $ 64,000, while wave 4

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