Amazon Mexico launches a seminar for women to sell online. Here the details!

Small and medium-sized enterprises are job creators and sustain the economy of millions of families. Added to this, until February 2021 more than 40% of the businesses that sell on Amazon Mexico are founded and / or run by women. This shows that there are more and more independent women wanting to get ahead on their own.
Amazon wants to recognize these women who are made by women for forging a more equal future and fight for female empowerment, as well as those who seek to boost their businesses and organizations. Given this, starting on March 3, a special Amazon Mexico page will be available where you will find inspiring stories of women entrepreneurs who challenged their limits using electronic commerce as a channel to boost their business.
Some of these successful women are:

Paulina Vargas, founder of Armario Jewelry,   "At this moment in my life the biggest challenge is to balance my life as a mother and a businesswoman, but the key is to build a passionate team and consolidate it to fulfill the mission of Armario Jewelry. I say: dream big, because the sky is the limit. "

Sharon Wulfovich and Lyana Kahn, co-founders of Luckyly. “Being in charge of our future is essential, and entrepreneurship has been a tool to achieve it. We have learned that success does not come from what you do occasionally, but from consistency and persistence. At LuckyLy we dream, and then we create. Why wait for someone else to include you in their story? Take the reins and create your own story. "

Carolina and Ana Fernández Dorantes, creators of Yummy Shots , comment: “We live in an unbalanced entrepreneurial ecosystem. As women we are afraid of the prejudices that others may cast against us. At Yummy Shots we encourage teamwork, where we all hold hands and push ourselves to grow. We don’t see gender, age, or experience. We are looking for the desire to work, learn and grow. "

Lu Gómez, co-founder of Remedios Mágicos “Entrepreneurship has been a process that has made me grow a lot as a human being. It has taught me what it means to take charge as a leader, as a woman, as a mother, and as an entrepreneur. Also, you feel a lot of love when you connect people with their emotions and with their loved ones. This becomes the engine to keep fighting every day. "

Mariel Fernández Celis, founder of SESÉN , “My path as a businesswoman has given me great economic, personal and emotional satisfaction, but the greatest has been to be able to create a project that aims to share well-being in all its forms. Our philosophy is to promote an integral lifestyle in which we are all aware of the impact in each area of our lives. "

Fernanda Lozano, co-founder of Sandalias Caribeñas , “For me, being a woman represents that achieving my dreams will be more challenging, but at the same time more rewarding. As women we have two options, to live our gender as a weakness or as our greatest strength. Founding Sandalias Caribeñas taught me that the most important thing is the people around you and being able to help them achieve their dreams. "
Learn how to sell on Amazon at the following link:
Seminar for women entrepreneurs
F or those seeking to start or expand your company, Amazon Mexico will offer a seminar on March 8, 2021 on the occasion of the International Women’s Day, and will have as guests executive of the company who will speak about leadership in technology companies and tools to sell through the store.
The International Women’s Day webinar will begin with a message from the Secretary of the Economy, Tatiana Clouthier. Subsequently, a panel will be held made up of women leaders in Amazon Mexico: Fernanda Ramo, leader of Legal; Claudia Alva, leader of Prime; Mariana Ordorica, Prime Video Marketing Lead and Fernanda Amaral, Prime Video Engagement Lead. Next, there will be a space to talk about how to sell on Amazon, led by Renata Arvizu, market leader in Amazon Mexico. Finally, some tips to have successful interviews will be shared by the Amazon recruitment team. To attend the seminar, complete your registration by clicking here .
For more information about these entrepreneurs and the Amazon Mexico seminar, visit the International Women’s Day page at .

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