Alonso Cardano

Cardano has successfully implemented a series of test network updates that bring smart contracts closer to reality. 
The long-awaited functionality of the Cardano smart contract will win on September 12 after alzono’s hard fork.
The island entered the top 3 coins by market capitalization, approaching its previous all-time high.

The article says that blockchain projects are the absolute killers of Ethereum, except that they are unproven until they meet the strict requirements of the Sunday. Cardano’s analytical and scientific development triggered industrial hysteria of assumptions. Thinking about the question ” what happens?. Cardano has created a confident reflection of the project, which will be completed from September 12, according to the latest IOHK update.

Smart contract launched

4, according to the market cap, after Cardano’s team announced the inclusion of smart contracts in Alonso’s hardfork. it ends the mystery behind cryptocurrency. After the successful release of the blockchain, Cardano will unlock new features that already exist in Ethereum, such as Defi or NFS. Focusing on the update, IOHK tweeted that Alonso would be complemented by an HFC (hard fork combinator) event.

The introduction of Alonzo followed a testing process that included color-coded stages such as Alonzo’s white, blue and purple colors. Each color is designed to support more users of the test network, Alonzo White is the first smart contract test network that only 500 people can access. Purple is the first public testing network to allow users to test the interactions and code of smart contracts, including offers.

In a video on Twitter, Charles Hoskinson describes the development of the blockchain, noting that Alonso Purpour is” much softer than Byron and Shelly”, noting that the process is being reviewed to speed up ecosystem deployment. However, Cardano’s announcement sparked market unrest when the island price hit a previous all-time high of $ 2.25, according to CoinMarketCap

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