Alibaba Group lanceert “copyright”in NFT Sundays

Alibaba Group, A Chinese e-commerce and internet services company, has announced the launch of a token that cannot be changed (NFT), seeking to continue its efforts to adopt the technology блокчейн.De the new NFT Sunday will be launched as part of the sale of Alibaba, a service the company already offers. Bit Universe, a crypto portfolio maintenance company sponsored by the Boom Graph Blockchain Research Institute, will develop and deliver analytics and analytical data for its collections to Alibaba users using the Guang Jian NFT platform. There is little that the NFT platform could be used by Alibaba to integrate with Alipay and also through China’s popular messaging platform WeChat, which is owned by Tencent.Guang Jian will facilitate Alibaba’s auction services for all collections, including digital items such as esports collections, digital trading cards, digital art and digital copyrights. Guang Jian is also integrated with the new copyright, Blockchain, blockchain infrastructure supported by the Compliance Audit Office in Sichuan province.New service auction takes place on Alibaba since “Blockchain digital asset trading and copyright” and may be cited as the “authors, writers, artists, game developers and artists will allow you to sell the rights of the contents featured blockchain token cannot be changed”. The sale of these” copyright ” NFTS includes full ownership of works purchased on the platform. Sunday Septembers are currently in operation and a number of NFTs are planned for the September auction. Bidders must deposit 500 yuan (about £ 55 or$ 77) to be accepted to bid. Reserve prices for upcoming auctions start at $ 15.July Yesil’s Alipay platform Alibaba also recently presented NFT artwork featuring “white snake 2: The Sorrow of the green snake,” a popular Chinese animated film released in July. The NFS movie created a wallpaper for user payment code pages that sold 80,000 copies of the two editions

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