Alchemy and polygon Defi partner planning to promote Ethereum application development

Alchemy and Polygon, the two main providers of Ethereum blockchain infrastructure, announced a partnership on Wednesday-a move that promises to accelerate the speed and scope of deployment of so-called decentralized applications, or DApps.

Neither alchemy nor Polygon are exactly known names for most crypto users, but both have become important tools for ethereum developers.

In this case, alchemy, recently pulled up, $ 80 million and a высокорентабельной, the company is committed to the equivalent distributed network Amazon Web Services—provides great change and криптокомпаниям software package, including small start-ups execute operations. October provides additional computing resources as well as tools for interaction with the main ethereum blockchain.

As for Polygon, formerly known as Matic network, the company represents a layer 2 solution that sits on top of Ethereum and handles transactions more efficiently. And in a recent major development, Polygon has started creating tools that allow developers to run their applications on different blockchains, which means that these applications should not be isolated on Ethereum. Here’s how to explain the latest decryption feature:

“Chains launched at Polygon can interact with each other as well as Ethereum’s main chain thanks to Polygon’s arbitrary messaging capabilities. This will allow for many new use cases, such as compatible decommissioned applications (dapps) and simple value sharing between different platforms.& quot;

Make DApps more accessible
The result of all this is that dapp developers should be able to implement what they have created faster and on a larger scale. For end users, this will lead to more apps that are easier to use: “creating apps on the range will be easy with alchemy. Developers can launch a new API key and directly access the Polygon network and unique information panels, and

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